At a wedding, everything is covered with flowers as it is a really special holiday. Flowers adorn wedding tables, hang from the ceiling with bright garlands, set off the beauty of the bride in a wedding bouquet. Besides it is a common practice for the guests to bring flowers to the wedding.

Wedding flowers: what bouquets are given to the newlyweds

When the birth of a new family is celebrated, the bouquet is more often bought not as a main gift, but as a nice and beautiful addition to it. When choosing a fragrant greeting for the newlyweds, many factors should be considered: the age of the bride and groom, the season of the year, the symbolism of flowers, the character of spouses, and sometimes even their nationality.

The main thing is that the bouquet should be most relevant to the event, should please the newlyweds, and shouldn’t become some worrying sign for them. It is well known that many omens are connected with flowers, as well as with the wedding. For example, the color of the wedding bouquet is of great importance. Dark colors of violet and dark blue hue are believed to be the messengers of grief and sadness, while yellow bouquets mean a quick separation. Therefore, yellow and very dark flowers are not used in wedding bouquets. In addition, there are flowers which have a dual symbolism: some believe them to bring luck, others – grief. This applies to daffodils, camellias, and gladioli. One should not include these flowers in wedding bouquets; it is better to choose the plants with exclusively positive emotional coloring. The most popular wedding flowers are elegant roses, delicate daisies, fragrant lilies and lilies of the valley, joyful tulips, peonies and chrysanthemums.

Should the “language” of flowers be considered when choosing a wedding bouquet?

The language of flowers is a science or a mystique. This language has no precise definitions, all is at the level of intuition and personal sensations, every feeling and emotion is related to some flower or its color, meanwhile a variety of popular superstitions and beliefs are considered. Today the language of flowers is fully mastered only by florists, people who are constantly working with flowers and every day make up compositions for various holidays. However, one should know some general ideas about the meaning of flowers, this will help one avoid mistakes when choosing flowers for a wedding, birthday, and other celebrations. There are many occasions in life to buy flowers.

What flowers are perfect for a wedding?

Most often a wedding bouquet is a bunch of roses. A traditional bouquet of roses of light colors has always been a symbol of luxury and happiness. These flowers have an unambiguous positive symbolism, therefore they are perfectly suited for weddings. Moreover, they look very impressive – one may come to the most lush and rich wedding with such a bouquet. A stylish bouquet of roses for a wedding is a classic that is appropriate at all times.

A lily is an ambiguous flower, a symbol of a witch and a great sinner in the Middle Ages and of a hope and purity in the times of ancient Egypt. If one looks closely, there is some devilry in this fragrant flower. But at the same time, love also clouds your mind and makes you dizzy. In the East, the lily has always been a flower of joy and happiness, it has been used for decorating the brightest and long-awaited events. Florists say a lily is the queen of wedding arrangements. Bouquets of lilies are always exquisite, romantic, it is pleasant both to give them, and receive them as a gift.

Lily of the valley is charming in wedding bouquets, it symbolizes purity and faithfulness. Modest bells of lily of the valley exude a wonderful fragrance; it is not too strong, but is very pleasant. So when one picks up a nice and delicate bouquet of lilies of the valley, there immediately comes a desire to bring it to one’s face and smell it. Lilies look good by themselves as well as in combination with violets, which are also positive symbols. The Chinese present violets when they want to express their friendship, loyalty and respect to a person. In Europe violets mean kindness and pure thoughts.

Wedding bouquets of peonies are very popular, they can be complimented by other types of flowers and decorative greenery. For example, roses can create a nice pair with peonies. A zest for life and happiness are the main emotions that are expressed by a bouquet of peonies. Such vivid flowers are a good gift for a happy couple, whose hearts are kindled by the fire of love.

Well, that’s it, you’ve chosen a wedding bouquet. According to the rules of etiquette, you should give flowers their buds up. The wrapping paper (if it is not an integral part of the bouquet) is removed, and the cellophane is half-turned so that the flowers could be seen in all their glory. The flowers are usually presented to the bride. If the bouquet is given by a couple, a man and a woman, the woman says a congratulatory speech, and the man holds and presents the flowers.