Rethinking your Thanksgiving table & decor with various Flowers

You can hardly find a single person on Earth who has not heard of Thanksgiving. But despite its global popularity, it is recognized as an official holiday in only five countries: the United States, Canada, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Liberia. And yet, the greatest popularity of this celebration was brought by its celebration in the United States.

This unusual day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. But this bright day began in very difficult conditions and times, when America was just getting to know the Old World – the roots of this holiday go back to the time of the first colonists who came to America.

The main aspect of Thanksgiving is to express gratitude for the hospitality of the Indians and the harvest that was gathered by the end of fall. Arriving in America already exhausted, hungry and debilitated by disease, the Pilgrims faced hunger, cold and the inability to farm in New Earth. It was only thanks to the Wampanoag Indians that it was possible to survive the difficult conditions of the new life and learn the basics of growing completely new (for the colonizers who came from the Old World) crops – corn, beans and pumpkins. As a result, these products became almost the basis of Pilgrim food.

And after the first but very abundant harvest, the tradition of giving thanks was born. First to the Indians and to God, and then this tradition expanded: today, gratitude can be expressed to anyone who deserves it. For example, parents, children, friends, a doctor or a policeman, good neighbors, a kind and friendly boss at work, the well-being of life itself, or simply the whole Earth – the main thing is that there is a desire to thank!

Hungry, Happy and Homey: Thanksgiving as a Celebration

Families usually come together on this day to share a holiday dinner that includes traditional dishes such as turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Over dinner, it is customary to reminisce about warm and pleasant times in life, and the atmosphere tends to remain relaxed and friendly.

For many people, Thanksgiving is also a time to reflect on what they are thankful for and to whom. And for some, it is a time of thanksgiving to God!

The tradition of hosting entails the appropriate thanksgiving table decor, thanksgiving centerpiece, thanksgiving flowers and thanksgiving floral arrangements– this is not only essential but a great way to express yourself and add a beautiful personal touch to your yearly gathering.

Thanksgiving table decor and Thanksgiving centerpieces

Decorating the Thanksgiving holiday table is an important part of creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for the whole holiday, because it is at the table that the main action and mystery takes place. Therefore, the table is the most important attribute of this day. And decorating this table is a very responsible task!

Here are some ideas for decorating the table on this wonderful holiday:

  • Pumpkins and pumpkin candles. Pumpkins are the symbol of Thanksgiving. Use small pumpkins as candle holders or even carve candles out of them to create warm lighting on the table.
  • Floral arrangements. Flowers always add freshness and beauty to the table. Place floral arrangements in bright fall colors in the middle of the table. Roses, gerberas, lilies and  chrysanthemums can be great choices.
  • Leaves. Gather beautiful fall leaves to use as plate holders or for table decorations. This will add a natural and pleasing fall element.
  • Tablecloth and serving pieces. Choose a tablecloth and tableware in warm fall colors such as orange, brown or yellow. Organize the serving pieces so that they are harmonious – nothing should draw attention more than the other elements.
  • Natural elements. Add natural elements such as nuts, acorns, berries and corn cobs to the décor. They will add texture, naturalness and embellishment to the table. Don’t forget that the first Thanksgiving was held around a campfire and in an open field.
  • Local specialties. Spread baskets around the table with local delicacies such as fresh vegetables, cheeses, homemade preserves, or culinary delights specific to the area. After all, Native Americans shared what was familiar and local to them.
  • Place signatures. If you organize your table by yourself and for a known circle of guests in advance, you can prepare personalized cards for each guest with their name and thanks. This will create a warm atmosphere and make each guest feel special.

Don’t forget that Thanksgiving is not only about delicious food, but also about creating an atmosphere of gratitude and welcome. Decorating your holiday table with fall themes and symbolism in mind will help create just that atmosphere.

And no matter how this Day passes, no matter where it is met, no matter what gifts are given on this Day, it will be nice and very appropriate to give a bouquet of flowers for Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Decor Options & Ideas If you approach the choice of a bouquet for Thanksgiving thoroughly, it is worth considering the ideology of the holiday – gratitude for the harvest and help, gratitude to God. Then very appropriate will be:

  • Pumpkin shades. By nature, Thanksgiving is associated with autumn, harvest and warm shades. Therefore, a color palette of pumpkin shades such as orange or yellow is a great choice. Flowers such as gerberas, roses, lilies and sunflowers, with their bright colors, fit perfectly into the holiday theme.
  • Red Cranberries. Cranberries are also closely associated with Thanksgiving. And its sweet and sour flavor is used to make gravy and desserts. Cranberry-red flowers can symbolize this traditional ingredient of the holiday table.
  • Greens and white accents. To give the bouquet a more fall and natural look, greenery and white flowers such as chrysanthemums, gypsophila or eustoma can be added. These elements give the bouquet a more harmonious and balanced look. Plus, white is always festive!

In general, if we go into detail about the meaning of each color, we can highlight the most important meanings:

  • Orange – symbolizes energy, joy and warmth, golden autumn and harvest;
  • Yellow – associated with the sun and joy. Sometimes it is perceived as the color of life;
  • Red – expresses passion and emotion. Probably because red roses are most often associated with lovers;
  • Green – symbolizes nature and reliability;
  • White – symbolizes purity and innocence. Often associated with God, angels and faith.

It is worth remembering that no matter where Thanksgiving is celebrated, no matter who is in the campaign and surroundings, a good bouquet of flowers will always be appropriate: both as a gift, and as a decoration on the holiday table, and as a symbol of Gratitude. Any sort of thanksgiving table decor, thanksgiving centerpiece, thanksgiving flowers and thanksgiving floral arrangements makes all the difference.

A bouquet of flowers is a wonderful way to express your sincere gratitude and create an atmosphere of warmth and cordiality around. In addition, flowers bring beauty and comfort, their aroma can give joy and improve your mood. So don’t miss the chance to make Thanksgiving Day especially bright and memorable with Sahola Flowers – give a bouquet of flowers that will symbolize sincere gratitude and appreciation!

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