Everything about floral vases

Vases are not just a necessary thing, but also a multifunctional one. This is an item noted for its simplicity and at the same time originality. Vases were used to decorate the palaces, vases were sent to the tomb to the Pharaohs, clay vessels were bricked into the walls in order to hear approaching enemies;


vasesIn Greece wine and oil were stored in them, in China they were the cover for spies; in Ukraine they served as vessels for milk and wheat; vases filled with jewels and gold were hidden in the ground; and to this day people keep putting flowers and fruit in them. They can also serve just for decoration.


Porcelain vases, all the while being perfected, are still the most fashionable. Vases decorated with Kuznetsovsky paintings, or Japanese and Chinese vases with a unique pattern and gilding are true works of art. Such masterpieces are mostly inherited.

However, one can find them at flea markets or buy something new, skillfully imitating the antiques. Such is the royal Danish porcelain with a blue pattern on a white background. These vases will fit in any interior, whether it is a living room with sofas,

carpets and cupboards in the house, or the office with heavy wood and metal furniture. They would look good at the center of the table, on the shelves, in niches, on pier-glass tables.

Floor vases

Floor vases demand respect for themselves. They require space and emptiness. It would be excessive in a typical city apartment, and it would just be lost in a large but cluttered room, no matter what it is made of.

Still, do not reject such beauty. One can put a bouquet of flowers on long stems, the composition of branches and dried flowers, large and fluffy bouquets in a nice floor vase.

It is best to put it somewhere in the corner, reviving it and making emphasis in the room, one can decorate a bedroom with it. However one shouldn’t put it on a table – a sitting person will not notice a bouquet in it and it will be above the eye level even of a standing person. If a bouquet in a vase on the floor does not seem quite noticeable, put it on a small stand or stool.

A worthy hobby

Collecting vases is quite an exciting occupation. While traveling to different countries you can learn something new about the culture of these countries and get a vase as a souvenir. And homebodies can find everything next to their house in the nearest store or at online auctions.

Vases from Georgia made of black clay and painted black, with long necks, may decorate the house and become a gem of the collection and create a unique atmosphere.

Or from Uzbekistan – copper engraved vases with a pattern of herbage.

From Bulgaria – glazed ceramics with stunning streaks. From Morocco – clay vases with bright ornaments. Out of Africa – vases made of ebony, and from Asia – the ones made of bamboo stalks. Bohemian vases fascinate with unusual patterns on thin glass. Japanese vases will add mystery to the room due to their black color with a golden edge, and Chinese ones, with barely visible shadows from rice (it is put into a mold during baking), would fit into any decor.