International Women’s Day


On the 8th of March, we celebrate every woman – the partner, the sister, the mother, the fighter, the professional, the entrepreneur… Women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and occupation are given the spotlight on this special day.

Olga Sahraoui, part designer, business owner and creative director, has shown us the true elegance of womanhood in every design. Through her work, she explores flowers as a medium for fashion,
emotions and art.

So whether you’re showing appreciation for a woman in your life, or would like to celebrate your own womanhood on this day – here are a couple of arrangements and gifts we’ve curated to capture
love in all its feminine glory.

1. For the dreamers – Dreamy Spring

Fresh out of a renaissance painting, this design is a whimsical bright combination of roses, pom pom ranunculus, thistle and stock flowers. We recommend this design for a woman who is creative, dreamy, and passionate.

2. For the surprise – Tulips Oasis

Despite having a single focal flower, this design is a colorful concoction of tulips in varying shades of pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows. The fun is in the mystery – the best combination and mood is determined on the day we buy the flowers straight from the market.

3. For the wins – Garden Grace

Fragrant and feminine, this arrangement takes inspiration from garden-style design and is a wonderful homage to all our hard working women and mothers. Ranunculus, tulips and hyacinth create a semblance of a small, freshly-bloomed garden, wherever it sits.

4. For the busybody – Hand-Poured Rose Soy

Candle When we support women-owned businesses, all of us move forward. We’ve collaborated with a Brooklyn-based candle maker who hand-pours these candles herself – And for women who deserve a moment of peace, this (and a bouquet or two) is all she could ask for!

5. For the traveler – Eau de Parfum Minis

Together with Mina Gautier, we’ve created an exclusive series of scents that capture a floral embrace with every spritz. Handcrafted from naturally extracted and highly concentrated oils and, each 10ml bottle is filled with long-lasting fragrances that will still easily pass through the TSA check. (Comes in Jardin Floral, Ambre Vanille and Accord Boisé)


Whichever one you choose, we guarantee absolute excellence in handling every order – So don’t hesitate to reach out to us for specific designs or gift combinations for you or the most special women in your life on International Woman’s Day. After all, she deserves the very best!