Potted rose (Rosa spp)

Roses are classic flowers for Valentine’s Day, and it is them, or to be exact, potted miniature roses that will be discussed in this article. Growing green and blossoming at your home, they will remind you of the blooming garden even in winter.


Beautiful Potted Roses

Most roses sold in pots are miniature roses. The length of their stem can reach 18 – 24 cm and a flower size is up to about two and a half centimeters. In principle, these roses can be planted in the garden, however, it will be difficult to keep such flowers alive in the weather conditions of central Russia.

Potted miniature roses are of a variety of colors: from the traditional red and bright yellow to pale lilac and cream ones. There are also two-color and even striped flowers.

When buying potted roses, choose a plant with dark green leaves without brown and black dots. The plant should have three to five opened flowers and several buds. These roses are very sensitive to ethylene, because of which their leaves turn yellow and fall off rapidly, so keep the flowers away from potential sources of ethylene and do not keep them in closed boxes for a long time.

If there is a hundred to three hundred candlepower spotlight in a room, it will increase the number of opened buds and prevent the leaves from falling. The preferred temperature for thermophilic roses is 15.5 – 18 degrees Celsius. However, roses can be kept at a lower temperature of 4-5 degrees Celsius, but not for long. Keep the flowers slightly wetted, but avoid overwetting and especially getting the ground in the pots thoroughly wet, as this will lead to a disease of the plant roots, that will in turn affect the state of the leaves and buds, which will begin to fall off prematurely.