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The perfect day deserves the perfect touch

Your wedding should be perfect in every way and flowers have a vital part to play. From the bouquet you grasp a little too tightly on making your big entrance to dramatic floral displays at the reception, we ensure the wedding flowers do what they should: reflect your personality, enhance the décor, help create the ideal atmosphere and, above all, complement your look.

Wedding Flower Arrangements and Bouquets in NYC,Summit NJ,Tribeca NY Wedding Flower Arrangements and Bouquets in NYC,Summit NJ,Tribeca NY
Olga Sahraoui - Wedding Flowers Designer in NYC, Summit NJ, Tribeca NY

A more personal service

Preparing for your special day can be hectic and stressful. We use our experience to take the load off your shoulders and provide expert advice, letting you focus on the things that matter.

The design process

To make sure you have the ideal floral creations for your special day, we walk you or your wedding designer through a simple consultation process that leaves nothing to chance:


Because every bride is unique, at Sahola Flower Fashion Boutique we approach every wedding assignment afresh, with a design sheet as white as a wedding dress.


Whether you know exactly what you want or don’t even know where to start, we help you devise an overall floral vision that will form the inspiration and cornerstone of everything we will create for your special day.

Wedding Flowers Boutique in NYC, Summit NJ, Tribeca NY

Details, details

Location(s), guest numbers, timelines… they can all have an impact. Because creating something as delicate as floral displays also has its technical and logistical sides. So we make sure we’ve pinned down all the key details from the start. Which is why with Sahola Flower Fashion Boutique, the only surprises you have are pleasant ones.

Our proposal

Within 48 working hours, we’ll provide you with a complete proposal covering every floral aspect of your wedding, based on your vision and wedding details. This includes indicative costings and, where appropriate, (priced) options for particular elements.

Sahola Wedding Flowers

The final plan

Taking account of your feedback, we fine-tune our proposal into a definitive Floral Wedding Plan, including transparent costings and relevant on-the-day planning details.

Wedding flowers decoration by SaholaFlowers

Your big day

On the day itself, we make sure every floral aspect of your wedding is where it should be, when it should be, as it should be. That’s one less thing to worry about.


Cultural Traditions

We professionally put on incredible Arab, Persian, Chinese and other cultural wedding decor. We have a profound understanding of the cultural traditions of all religions and nationalities and have great experience in planning luxury weddings in New York's most exclusive venues, and in prestigious destinations worldwide, from Marrakesh and Dubai to Venice and Vienna.

Let's work on your wedding day together. We will make sure your wedding flowers exceeds your expectations and fit your budget

Sahola Flower Fashion Boutique.
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