Bridal bouquet the right combination

Bridal bouquet is an important part of a bride’s look, that’s why it’s necessary to pay attention to the combination of flowers in it, because every flower, apart from its elegance and beauty, has its individual character and symbolism.

The most popular flowers among wedding flowers are roses. Roses are unique and symbolize love and beauty. This universally adored blossom fits every style and into every composition and also looks great on its own.


Hydrangea is a lovely and marvelous flower, it embodies modesty, sincerity and honor. It keeps the shape and blends in with different flowers just fine. Its magnificent inflorescences make the composition voluminous and aery while the wide pallet of shades allows using it in any color scheme.

Orchid is an exotic flower, a symbol or aristocracy and refinement. Its interesting appearance perfectly complements the complex and intricate image of the bride and will become the original decoration of the entire wedding.

Ranunculus in the bridal bouquet symbolize the reciprocity and harmony of the two people getting married. Composition with them will fit any wedding dress perfectly.


Calla lily is a flower of prosperity and abundance that would complement a classic elegant style wedding ideally. Flowers buds in the shape of a bowl make the bouquet tender and expressive.

Tulips in the wedding bouquet are a bold and unusual choice. This symbol of chastity and enchanting power will look harmonious and aesthetic.

Anemones are fragile, tender and elegant like the bride herself. They have a very contrasting color, which looks great in floral compositions, giving them stylish and refined look.

Take advantage of our advice on creating a wedding bouquet and make a unique and symbolic floral composition.