Despite common stereotypes, gentle, delicate and fragrant flowers gathered in a stylish bouquet are a great gift not only for a fair lady, but also for a strong man. The design and type of a “male” bouquet differ in many ways from women’s one. This applies to the selection of plants for the composition, as well as to the shape of a bouquet and to wrapping design.

The kinds of flowers for men’s bouquets

secrets of making bouquets for men

It is better to use large and beautiful buds with well-rounded petals in men’s bouquets. Men prefer simple and “strong” flowers of bright, dynamic colors: red, white, blue. These may be roses, tulips, gladioli, chrysanthemums, irises, lilies, dahlias, calla lilies. Deep dark hues – burgundy, lilac, purple – are welcome. It is better not to use flowers of a soft and pastel palette in bouquets designed for men. They look better in the hands of beautiful women.

Wrapping of bouquets for men

The wrapping of a bouquet for a man should be unremarkable, modest, with low-key colors and design. The design of “male” bouquets is almost deprived of decorative additions, such as bows, beads and bright large ribbons, since all this is alien and out of place for a composition with a “male” character. The wrapping of a male bouquet plays its natural role as a cover, rather than a decoration. The main emphasis of the composition is made on flowers. Just put together a few plants without adding anything to them. Well, let it be a little bit of greenery: twigs of fern, bamboo, ficus, etc.

The shape of a bouquet for a man

In preparing the compositions for men florists try to select plants with large inflorescences and long stems. Such flowers can make a showy bouquet of a horizontal, elongated shape symbolizing masculinity. A male bouquet is always about strict and straight lines and shapes. It is based on the vertical axis surrounded by components that highlight geometry and elegance of the composition. Typically, the whole design is built around the single largest flower. The plants can be arranged in several tiers. Men’s bouquets are often built on contrasts, complemented by bold and unexpected details such as dried flowers. Expressiveness and avant-garde solutions, even aggressiveness accented by red and yellow vibrant colors will surely attract attention and will not let the compositions get lost among others.

On what occasions can you give flowers to men?

secrets of making bouquets for men2

– Anniversary. For this big day it is best to choose a luxury bouquet of large wine red or white roses. For wrapping take rice paper or transparent cellophane tied with a simple ribbon. An impressive and beautiful composition will definitely please the hero of the day and embellish the interior.

– A professional holiday or corporate celebration. It is important to bear in mind who is the receiver of the bouquet and what is the purpose. If this is just a sign of deference for the employee, then a very small composition consisting of strict, traditionally seen as “male” plants, i.e. irises, gladioli, roses of dark, saturated hue, will suffice. If you are preparing a gift for a business partner, the bouquet should fit the canons of business etiquette. This means it should have a discreet, laconic design. The company colors could be interestingly played up in the composition and design of its wrapping.

– An expression of high regard. Flowers are not necessarily given on the occasion of some event. You can buy a men’s bouquet and give it to the recipient in order to express your feelings. For example, to show that you like the man. In such a composition the main flower can be a fragrant, luxurious peony, a symbol of modesty, gentleness and timidity. The flower might tell him something that you are shy of saying out loud …