The interplay of flowers and zodiac signs

Many people are convinced that a zodiac sign is able to affect a person’s character, mentality, tastes, life stance, his relationships with others, his fate, pre-forming the further course of his life. For anyone born under this or that zodiac sign there are items with a special secret meaning.

Interplay of flowers and zodiac signs


From ancient times there has been a belief that flowers have strong magical properties. Choosing a certain flower arrangement one should take into account all peculiarities of a person, especially his zodiac sign.


For example, it is best to present a bouquet of red flowers, such as roses or tulips, to Aries, whose main traits are determination and ability to stand on his own. The mentioned plants will help Aries, send him in the right direction and activate his positive qualities. As for the flowers that shouldn’t be given to Aries, they are carnations, orchids, daisies and asters.


Taurus, who is known for his sincerity, kindness, complaisance, love for others, will be pleased with a surprise bouquet of garden roses, lilies, delicate violets, daisies or daffodils.


Geranium or fragrant lavender will be perfect for Gemini with his exceptional sharpness, quickness of mind and communication skills. Orchids or a rare scented tobacco plant are among the flowers that shouldn’t be given to Gemini.


Compositions of roses, lilies, irises, poppies, calla lilies, violets, narcissus, jasmine, snowdrops, camellias, orchids or lilies of the valley will be more appropriate for Cancer with his rich creative thinking. In no case should one puzzle Cancer with mimosas, carnations or peonies.


Regal, proud Leo with his restless nature will be very pleased with a bouquet of roses, bright chrysanthemums, delicate peonies, carnations or chamomiles.


It is better to present carnations, garden roses, asters, delicate lilies or mimosas to practical and rather pragmatic Virgo. It is not recommended to present tulips, gladioli and dahlias to him.


Libra will like lilies, narcissuses, scented geranium, violets, bright fuchsias and camellias. Floral bouquets of gerberas, garden lilies of the valley, spring irises, forget-me-nots or pansies may have a negative effect on a person born under the Libra sign.


Scorpio with his resolute character prefers daffodils, buttercups, anemones of all colors, peonies, strict carnations and chrysanthemums. It is best not to present bouquets of forget-me-nots, gladioli and mimosas to Scorpio.


Sagittarius with his talent and love for life and people around him will be thrilled with gladioli, scented geranium, autumn chrysanthemums, phloxes, mimosa, jasmine, daisies or carnations. It is not recommended to give Sagittarius irises, callas, lilies, snowdrops and white lilies.


Capricorn prefers to receive a gift of field cornflowers, pansies, all kinds of tulips, carnations, gladioli and dahlias. Do not give asters, bells and fragrant jasmine to Capricorn.


A wonderful gift for good-natured and sensitive Aquarius with his idealistic view of the world would be a bouquet of simple cornflowers, violets, lilies, tulips, forget-me-nots, lilies, snowdrops or orchids.


Intellectual Pisces with his impulsive nature will love daisies, peonies, jasmine, chrysanthemums, gladioli, marigolds and orchids. You should better not give tulips, gerberas or tiger lilies to Pisces.