Plants that will bring love to your home

All plants that surround a person are of some use to him. Some of them have antibacterial properties, others are simply pleasing to the eye with their unusual shape of flowers and leaves. One way or another, the thing all of them have in common is that of all living entities they embody love and romance in the best way.


Anthurium, also known as a plant of fire, is a symbol of male strength and harmony in the intimate life. However, it is not recommended for everybody to have it in the house.


Anthurium is strictly contraindicated to the fans of polygamous relationships and people who are inclined to extreme self-esteem, as well as those prone to frequent stress. It is best to grow it in a warm bright place avoiding direct sunlight. The ambient temperature should not exceed 25 degrees, and in winter it shouldn’t be lower than 18 degrees. In autumn and spring, when the anthurium reaches the peak of its active growth, it should be watered and sprayed abundantly.


A bulbous plant Hippeastrum has its distinct development cycle.


For example, in winter it blooms brightly and vigorously, stands out among others, but briefly, with a wild burst of energy. It greatly affects the romantic relationships of a person, imparting an adventurous spirit to them. Hippeastrum is believed to be special for bachelors.

After blooming the plant accumulates a lot of energy, so it is better to place it somewhere where a person does not sleep, because it is well-known that during sleep we give up our energy and become vulnerable. Hippeastrum likes the light and warmth, so place it in the southern direction.




A pomegranate plant is a symbol of kinship with children, prosperity and a status in the society. It brings a lot of happiness to the house, as it is called a tree of a family hearth for a reason.


Its fruits are very often associated with the fruits of love, fertility and kinship. In order for this beautiful plant to bloom with its red petals and decorate your home, you should know some of its biological characteristics. Firstly, the pomegranate likes the light, and besides, its flowers look spectacular in the sunshine. It shouldn’t be watered a lot, and the temperature should be close to 10 degrees. This is how fussy the pomegranate plant is.






An orchid is another plant that will bring love to the house. Its flowers are reminiscent of a butterfly for their unusual shape.



The orchids are considered to be sublime plants having special divine power. People residing near these flowers become nobler, spiritually enlightened, loved and financially independent.

Orchids like the bright light, warm ambient temperature no lower than 20 degrees, moderate watering and high humidity.

They should be relocated in a soft soil, watering well, preferably with soft water. This plant looks very nice in the house, decorating any interior and giving it certain elegance.In addition, many experts believe that when orchids are at home, happiness will also come soon.