How to sign a card when sending flowers?

The days are gone, when the flowers could be given only at a personal meeting. With the delivery service of bouquets you can make an unexpected surprise for a loved one when she least expects it: at work or when she’s on a business trip at another city.

Of course, you can leave a bouquet unsigned to make the recipient wonder who decided to give him the gift. But according to the rules of etiquette, it is a bad form. One should always put a note or a greeting card in a bouquet.


A card  successfully complements any bouquet, both a modest one, and a luxurious one.

Even if you give a bouquet personally, a card with warm wishes will never be superfluous. How to sign a card properly?

Good ideas

Nice memories

Sometimes it is enough to write a few nice words: to wish a good morning or evening, to thank for a pleasant meeting, or just to say “Thank you” for all the happy days spent together. Even bouquets for no reason with such warm words will bring a good mood to your loved one for more than just one day.

  • Originality

With the help of a note or a card you can intrigue one and make one think of you all day. It does not require ornate wording. For example, it is enough to just write “Today at 18:00 at our place. Your A.”. Such method of inviting for a date is suitable not only for young couples, but it will also revitalize the relationship of those who have long been together. Of course, you should thoroughly get ready for this evening and maybe prepare a few other surprises. Furthermore, a romantic bouquet with a note is a great chance to make a surprising marriage proposal.


Over time the flowers will wither, but fond memories of the gift will be remembered forever.

  • Sincerity

The cliché quotes so commonly used in social networks as a status will not do for an interesting note. Pick a quote from the movie you’ve recently watched, or from the book you’ve recently discussed. A line from the song to which you’ve danced or the one you just really like, will suit too. This will make a present very personal, since the meaning will be clear only to the two of you. In addition, it will demonstrate how well you are familiar with the interests of your loved one.

Poor examples

  • To buy a ready-made postcard

You will find a wide variety of greeting cards with a printed text in almost every store. But, unfortunately, with a circulation of several thousand copies, such card will unlikely become an original addition to the flowers. Typically, these greetings are rarely read at all, since they have no identity.

Wish those things in a card that you would like to get yourself.

  • To copy popular verses from the Internet

In the network you can find a lot of poems on various occasions, be it a birthday or the 8th of March. But the question is whether they will convey all of your feelings? Try to write a poem by yourself. If you do not consider yourself to be a beautiful rhymer, just write your most sincere wishes, thoughts, tell about your emotions. This will help avoid unnecessary clichés.