Floristry is an irrepressible flight of fancy

Nature has given us a lot of colors and flowers, what else could you still add to this irrepressible flight of fancy? Still the creative impulses of a human know no boundaries and so there appeared such art as floristry. Instead of paints the artist uses flowers and their petals, leaves and grass, twigs, berries, as well as artificial materials for interior decoration. This art originated a long time ago, people have decorated their homes with the gifts of nature from time immemorial.

What is the right way to choose flowers for decoration of events and celebrations?
For example, you can use a composition with orchids or lilies for a wedding or other formal meetings. In order to win over business partners choose roses of unconventional colors, and delicate flowers in pastel colors will suit for dates.

Love Floristry


With each petal an experienced florist can “tell” of your love, or deep respect and desire to cooperate, about your sorrow, etc. In ancient times people gave flowers not only on major holidays. They believed that flowers can cure of diseases and, indeed, wonderful flower bouquets and compositions are able to bring good spirits, boost of energy, good mood and even relieve from stress by filling your life with colors and fragrance.

Most often a florist does not think over a particular subject of a composition in advance, instead he uses the features of the material: curvature of stems and branches, delicacy and beauty of flowers and petals, which depends on the size and shape, color, etc. If a composition is already specified, then one needs to choose the correct and harmonious blend of natural materials to conform to the conception.

Florists will also need experience and expertise in securing natural materials, as well as in giving direction and form, e.g. to the branches and leaves.


Floristry is an art is not accessible to everyone, because it does not allow negligence and imitation. A person who is engaged in this “science” should have a taste, rich imagination, knowledge of flowers, should know the techniques of making compositions.

Also one should love flowers, love his job, should be able to discern that bit in every plant, of which a mosaic of colors and fragrances will be composed that can bring beauty, energy and desired atmosphere to any occasion or celebration.

Love with Olga Sahraoui….