Legends of flowers

A flower is a symbol of love, loyalty, origin of something new and continuing of the already existing. Without them it is impossible to imagine the world around us with its traditions and customs. It is flowers that remain the most valuable and dear gifts for sweethearts, a reward for the winners of various competitions from time immemorial to this day.


There are many legends on how flowers appeared on earth. The most traditional version sends us to the theory of the divine creation of the world, according to which God created grass, trees, light and flowers on the third day. A second guess on the appearance of these wonderful creations in the world is also associated with religious beliefs. Thus, the ancient Slavs, as pagans, attributed the creation of flowers to their main god Jarilo. At some point, smitten with his love for Mother Earth, he promised to adorn her with rivers, fields, seas and flowers for reciprocity. Being a real man, Jarilo has fulfilled all his promises, which is why flowers are traditionally a gift that is an evidence of strong feelings and a hope for reciprocity.

In addition to legends telling about the origin of flowers in general, each flower has its own amazing myths and legends. For example, according to legends of different peoples, many flowers are the epitome of previously living heroes and characters. Thus, for instance, a commonly known primrose was a beautiful princess elf in the past, who fell in love with an ordinary young man. In order to get his attention and make him fall in love with her, she appealed to an enchantress. A wise counselor turned the princess into a flower as beautiful as her. Due to the fact that the primrose blooms just as soon as the snow melts, all young men who went to the fields specifically to admire the flowers couldn’t take their eyes off her.

In Germany, for example, a primula is called “keys”, as they are like the ancient church keys. Another legend about the origin of a primrose is also related to this. It is believed that apostle Peter was once very afraid that someone wanted to get to heaven without his knowledge. In fright he dropped a bunch of keys on the ground, which left a special mark on that place. Somewhat later beautiful flowers rose there – keys that open the gates to summer and warmth.


By studying the folklore of different peoples, one can find many interpretations of various stories and legends of flowers. That is why in different parts of the world each flower is presented by not only its name, but also by the history of its origin.

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