Primula – Houseplant for February

Primula is a houseplant of February.

The Primula will cause your heart to take a spring leap. It is a real spring flower with colorful blooms in pink, red, lilac, yellow, white and study leaves.The Primula is also known as St. Peters Keys. Have you heard of the legend behind this name? The guard of Heavens gates, St. Peter had a valuable bunch of gold keys. One day they slipped out of his hand and fell onto the earth. At the place where they fell, a striking plant grew with a bunch of golden yellow flowers. The name St. Peters Keys was born.

Primula likes a damp soil and not too much water, but keep an eye to make sure its not dry. This plant prefer the temperature 53-59 F, a light position, but no direct sunlight.

Wild Primulas are often found in the mountains of the northern hemisphere, including the Alps. In the lower areas Primulas are often yellow because they are pollinated by bees, whereas in higher areas, butterflies pollinate them. This creates white, pink, blue or violet flowers.