Christmas Cactus

The Houseplant of this month is Christmas Cactus.

We are all busy with Christmas preparations, and of course, Christmas Tree is our first priority when it comes to Home Christmas Decor. Let’s not to forget about home plants, which always bring fresh feel and friendly ambiance to our home decor. Today, we are featuring Christmas Cactus – Modest Brazilian plant, which owes its name due to flowering season. But how about its origin? These plants were found in the Brazilian rainforests, where they have modest life on tree trunks.

 This succulent, known also as Schlumbergera, thrives during the darker days and it shows the abundance of flowers it produces. The plant has strong flat leaves like finger joints, with bent needles and flower buds on them. The buds start to blossom at the end of the fall or beginning of winter, and then showing you purple, red, pink, white or yellow, even orange sometimes, beautiful colors.

Christmas Cactus won’t be a troublemaker in your home, and it can serve you for 10-15 years. But don’t move it all the time, or it might protest and drop the buds. Just place it in a light spot where the temperature will be around 68F. Water it once a week during flowering period, remove old flowers now and again. After flowering, leave it dry for about a month and in darker place, and after that the flowers reappear and you can water it again.