Solidago Goldenrod – Review, History, Photo

Solidago is a wild plant from meadows and prairies of North America. It is a member of the aster family, Asteraceae.

Solidago Goldenrod – Review and History

Once Solidago had the status of an annoying weed, but now it is a popular flower and it is specially grown for floristic purposes. Tiny bright yellow flowers of the plant are combined in spikes in the form of feathers, which can be pyramid-shaped or flat-top shaped or twig-shaped.

All kinds of Solidago, which are grown for sale, are herbaceous perennial plants of height from 38 to 90 cm. Other wild species can be woody and they reach a height of 2 meters or more.

The name Solidago comes from the Latin word “solidago”, which means “to give strength, to heal or make whole”. The name of this plant reflects its healing properties.

In homeopathy Solidago is a remedy against kidney diseases and bladder stones, and any urinary tract infections. In folk medicine Solidago is used to treat rheumatism, gout, diabetes, hemorrhoids, prostate, asthma, internal bleeding, liver diseases, tuberculosis, throat infections, respiratory tract infections and festering wounds.

Solidago Goldenrod – Photo


Purchase Solidago when buds are just beginning to blossom. The core of tiny florets should not show pollen and the leaves should be firm and bright green. Avoid branches with signs of rot on the stem, with dry leaves or darkening on the stems and flowers.

Upon arrival, unpack the plants, remove all damaged leaves and those that may be below the water level. Then trim the stems and place them in the moistening solution. Afterwards put the plants into a clean vase with a floral nutrient solution and leave them for at least 2 hours for the stems to get water, before using them in a composition. Solidago should be stored at 0-30C and 90% humidity.

Solidago is available all year round. With proper care you can enjoy the plant in a vase from 7 to 10 days. It is necessary to change the water in the vase every other day.

Solidago is a great staffage for arrangements in the garden style, autumn bouquets and any bunches of flowers. It also dries well, and it is thus an ideal complement to dry bouquets.

In 1863 Solidago was awarded the title of a National flower of Confederation because of its gray and yellow colors.

In 1895 Solidago became the official flower of Nebraska, and in 1926 – of the Kentucky state.