Flower trends like fashion world are changing every year, whether we talk about colors, shapes or textures.


More brides are leaning towards natural look for their bridal bouquets, so called free form, and simplicity is the cornerstone of flower arrangements, including a mix of large and small blooms.

The brides are looking this year for hand-tied bouquets in the country garden style very similar to vintage look. We can observe more loose bouquets shapes than tightly structured designs. Certainly, nude and pastel colors in a mix with peach palettes are very popular this year. Though, structured bouquets, are still around.

Five top flower trends 2016 for weddings:

  1. Local flowers – We continue to observe that local grown flowers are at the top of the list of style and savvy couples. Wild look of the bouquets and centerpieces will be reflecting the area where the flowers are grown and season. Metallic hues of table cloths and vases will add a vintage chic to the flowers.
  2. Natural look – More country brides go towards loose and organic bouquets, with branches, unusual vines and foliage. These bouquetsites are getting vintage elevated look with a touch of glam. Tight hand-tied bouquets are out of fashion, though still can be met in big cities, as a symbol of luxurious elegance.
  3. Wearable floral accesories – play an important role for a bride, whether it will be a Floral necklace, or a ring, or a flower headpiece. Succulents, berries, ranunculus, garden roses will suit great for designing Floral jewelry.
  4. Greenery – Foliage is very important in wedding decor. It adds freshness and garden look to the whole decor. It helps to design beautiful green walls alternative to expensive flower arch.
  5. Nude shades – with Rose Quartz pantone color trend 2016, pastel colors are staying in, and a touch of blush is being added for complexity and depth. Nudes are paring great with darker Foliage as well as deeper color of the flowers like burgundy, berries, browns.