Spring is approaching, and spring flowers are taking the front stage in floral designs, whether they are ranunculus, tulips, or roses and hyacinths, all these varieties bring a feel of refreshment and warmness to our lives.                                                            


Today, I would like to share with you a video on how to create a beautiful spring

table design. I was inspired by Pantone Color 2016 – Blue Serenity and Rose Quartz.

These two spring colors embrace the balance between a warm and cool, reflecting a soothing sense of order and peace.

It’s a great combination with a little twist for a spring feel.

By flattening the Biedermeier arrangement a more modern looking arrangement is created.

The reflection of the silver plate gives an extra dimension to the whole look.

Here are step by step instructions on how to make this beautiful and romantic flower arrangement:


                     You will need :

  • a round cake shape Oasis,
  • a silver ( or any other soft color plate)
  • painted blue birch,
  • feathers
  • decorative wire
  • cutter

How To Create Spring Flower Arrangement (Step by step)

1. Place Oasis in the water enriched with floral food water, and cut the blue

painted birch branches in smaller pieces.

2. Stick the cut birch pieces into Oasis. The ends of the branches will add a nice

soft contrast to the whole design in combination with soft flowers.

3. Prepare your flowers and start placing them into the foam evenly, creating a

nice round shape.

4. Continue placing flowers. Be careful with softer stems of ranunculus and

tulips. If needed make a smaller insertion with a slightly thinner stem and

after place the tulips or ranunculus.

5. Add feathers where you see empty space left. They will give a nice soft feel

and lightness to the whole flower composition.

6. As a final touch, add few Muscari flowers with their long and tiny stems

trailing over the arrangement. Secure them with a decorative wire.

Spring Flower Arrangement Video Manual