How to select a bouquet for a first grader

With September 1 – the Knowledge Day – approaching, kids and their parents begin to prepare for the ceremonial line and, among other things, pick a bouquet as a gift to a teacher. Not everyone knows the taste and preferences of the teacher, especially first-graders, so you have to buy a bouquet almost randomly. What a bouquet for the first teacher should be like?

The most common mistakes when choosing a bouquet for September 1


The most unfortunate blunders parents make when they buy flowers for a teacher include:
• abundance of decor in a bouquet. Bows, ribbons, glitter, figures of butterflies – all together it can look tasteless;
• the presence of exotic flowers with strong aroma – a teacher may be allergic;

  • a too big and heavy bouquet. For example, a composition of Dutch roses and gladioli is too heavy and cumbersome. It is inconvenient for a kid who is yet to meet with his teacher and classmates to hold a large bouquet. And he will have to stand with it during the whole ceremonial line. Parents should take this nuance into account and should not buy giant flowers, it is better to prefer a compact bouquet of chrysanthemums or other flowers.
  • If you want to stand out in the crowd and present a truly memorable bouquet to the first teacher, give preference to the unusual and bright Alstroemerias or irises.
    • A bouquet of short-lived, rapidly losing freshness flowers. By the end of the event such bouquet can lose its attractive appearance.


First-grader’s bouquet of Gerberas

Criteria for selecting a bouquet for the Knowledge Day

In fact, it is not difficult to choose a bouquet for a teacher, the main thing is you should take some nuances into account.

Choosing flowers for a bouquet

You can choose chrysanthemums and gerberas for September 1. They stay fresh for a long time and look attractive both separately and in combination with other flowers. Dahlias are ideal for a September 1 bouquet. They are beautiful and exude pleasant aroma.

Roses also always relevant, but there should not be too many of them in a bouquet. A bouquet of three or five buds will be perfect, although it is believed that these flowers are a nice gift for a sweetheart, but they are not suitable as a present for a teacher. Do you have any doubts? Then pick lilies – noble and beautiful flowers.

A bouquet for September 1 should be compact

You will not regret it, if you get a whole basket with several kinds of flowers that go well with each other. In recent years it has become fashionable to decorate such compositions with a décor suitable for the Knowledge Day: letters, numbers, pencils, etc…


A bouquet can be of any color

Color of a bouquet for a first grader

You can give a composition of flowers in pastel colors such as white, pale yellow, beige, blue to a young teacher. A bouquet for an older teacher may include burgundy, bright red, purple, lilac or blue flowers. If the first teacher in child’s life is a man, you should choose a low-key and laconic bouquet. Carnations are traditional men’s flowers, although calla lilies and chrysanthemums will do too.

It’s better to order a bouquet for a first grader in advance

Most parents prefer to buy a bouquet in advance, since it’s not so easy to get fresh and beautiful flowers in the morning of September 1 because of the hype. If you wish, you can buy a potted plant. Some teachers are happier with such presents, as they can leave them at school and enjoy their splendor all the year round.

One should also think in advance with the first-grader of some nice words to say to a teacher, then the teacher will remember the bouquet for a long time. You can and you should complement the flowers with a postcard with warm wishes.
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