Callas are used in bridal bouquets combined with roses and orchids

New York is all about fashion and design. Draw YOUR calla inspiration from fashionable untamed beauty of floral designs inspired by New York City, created by American florist Olga Sahraoui.
I love callas. They are very popular in New York City
and stand out among all varieties of flowers as one of the most modern and bold flowers. Our supplier Fleurametz brings all colors and sizes of callas on regular basis. We love to use this flower in all sorts of modern and contemporary designs, especially as a vision flower through clear glass vases.


Calla is a very unique and fashionable flower. It is easy to work with on daily basis and create all sorts of shapes for our compositions. It is a strong flower statement for any occasion.
NYC brides love to have callas in their bridal bouquets combined with roses and orchids. They give a nice modern twist to the overall design.

Callas bouquet

The common use of callas in New York leans towards grouping them in a flower arrangement. We don’t use callas as a single flower too much in New York. Our customers like monochromatic looks, so we try to stay in the same color spectrum while designing for them.
Calla is a great flower to work with within fashion industry. Due to its soft stem, it is easy to implement it for variety of fashionable designs like headpieces and jewelry