The most beautiful flower valleys in the world

The multi-colored sea of flowers swaying in the wind, the high mountains, the bright sun – flower valleys are truly impressive. Vast placers of aromatic plants are found in almost every country: Ukraine, Bulgaria, India, France, Holland. Many tourists want to admire such beauty and feel as if in a fairy tale. In this article we will look at the most beautiful and impressive flower valleys.


The unique color palette and a heady floral aroma are the attributes of any flower valley

Bulgaria. Rose Valley

A fragrant damask rose has been cultivated in the region between mountains near the Bulgarian town of Kazanlak since the XVIII century. A rose brought from Syria later became the symbol of Bulgaria. Due to its chic aroma the flower is used as a raw material for essential oil, which is considered the best in the world. Roses bloom from May to July here, and the festival dedicated to the rose is held in mid-May. It begins with a ritual gathering of petals and ends with choosing the new Queen of Roses.


Rose Valley in Bulgaria: special climate conditions favor the growth of flowers with rich aroma


USA, Arizona. The valley of poppies

Every year from February till June the gray Mojave desert comes to life: it becomes covered with bright orange and red flowers. The locals used to bring their flocks to the Valley of poppies, or the Antelope Valley, in the middle of the last century, but now it is forbidden. The poppies are not watered and their growth is not stimulated, so as not to disturb the natural appearance of the valley. There are trails formed for tourists, but one can not step aside from them. The tracks are arranged so that the valley could be viewed from all angles, and people could relax on the benches and admire the wonderful flora and fauna of the area.


In the valley there are not only poppies, but also the wild flowers: heather, clover, lupine


USA, California. Calla Lily Valley

A unique sight – blooming wild callas against a background of the Pacific Ocean – appears here in March. This valley is considered to be a dangerous place because it is surrounded by poison ivy, stinging nettles and deep ravines. There are trails for tourists, from which it is prohibited to deviate for safety reasons. The trails lead from the coast, where the high waves of the ocean break on the beach, to the dense forest of huge redwoods.

It is believed that callas predict the weather better than any forecaster: the water droplets appear on their leaves before the rain.


Natural protection of ivy and ravines surrounds the delicate white calla flowers


France. Lavender fields

Many fields of Provence in France are covered with a fragrant lavender carpet. The Valensole city is literally immersed in these gentle violet flowers: even the homes of local residents are decorated with lavender. Here you can buy natural cosmetics containing the lavender essential oil, soap, honey, bags of dried flowers.

Lavender blossoms from June to August, but it’s already in July that people start to mow it. Beware of wasps when you visit the lavender fields: they are attracted by the striking fragrance of the flowers. Is best to travel across the Provence region by car to see as many fields as possible, or by bike.

During the collection of lavender harvest there are festivals dedicated to this flower. Such holiday can be attended in Valensole: usually it’s on the third Sunday of July.


Sometimes the fields of wheat and sunflowers are located next to the lavender ones: the combination of violet and yellow flowers is fascinating


India. Valley of flowers

The largest national park in India dazzles with the most vibrant flowers and shimmers with waterfalls. It is located in the Himalayas and is surrounded by high mountains covered with glaciers.

The locals believe that this place is magical and is inhabited by fairies. Multicolored flowers (primroses, poppies, lilies, rhododendrons, camomile and calendula), amazing animals (snow leopards, foxes, bears) – you could see it all here! You should dedicate a few days for exploring the valley to see as much as possible. You may also want to take an umbrella as it often rains there.


The snow lakes and glaciers add even more beauty to this valley