Rhododendron aureum – Full Review, History, Photo, Medicine

Rhododendron aureum and ponticum are plants of the Rhododendron genus; shrubs of the heath family. They have similar qualities. The plant has been used for many centuries, and has been known to all the wise healers of antiquity.

Rhododendron aureum : History

In the old days, when Firebird, Dragon, Baba Yaga, Mistress Mary and Prince Ivan lived on earth, the ominous bird Govorun (the “talking” bird) lived too. It didn’t come flying often. It sat on Alatyr-stone (pieces of the stone were taken to all the lands), which, as expected, was at a crossroads, and, since it was very fond of “talking”, and even more so – giving advice, the bird gave prophetic advice from its heart to the one who brought her a rhododendron twig as a present and asked about something. Since then there remained one such inscription on the stone: “Right you go – you will find your death, go to the left …” and around the stone rhododendrons usually grew, the brought twigs rooted.


And in the myths and legends of ancient Greece the person was supposed to throw a rhododendron ponticum twig in a bottomless pit in a mountain temple and shout his wish. If multiple echoes could be heard, then the request was heard and would be fulfilled. The echo usually didn’t respond to the requests of richness and pleading with malice. So what kind of prophetic plants did people bring? What herb helped fulfill wishes? Maybe we will ask it to help us as well? Let’s call rhododendron aureum and ponticum!

The ancestors have kept a beautiful legend of Orpheus and Eurydice for us. They loved each other so much! Orpheus played the lyre wonderfully, the whole world listened to him. But once the snake bit Eurydice, and she died. In great grief Orpheus put a wreath of rhododendron on his head and decorated his lyre with twigs. He began to play such sad music that they moved the Gods to pity. The Gods fulfilled the desire of Orpheus, he descended into the underworld of the dead to bring back his Eurydice, and put his wreath on her head. But he could not resist looking back and didn’t manage to bring her to the bright world. And looking back, he saw only a melting shadow… It’s a sad, but cautionary tale.

Rhododendron aureum : Review

Rhododendron aureum grows in the forests of the mountain zone, on the barren Sayan mountains, in Transbaikalia, in the Irkutsk and Chita regions, in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in Yakutia, more rarely in the Altai. It is an evergreen shrub with dark-brown bark, creeping stems and branches rising by 20-100 cm. Shoots are covered with glandular pubescent ovate bud scales lasting for 2-4 years. The leaves are alternate, dark-green on top, shiny, pale beneath. The flowers are gathered in groups of 3-8 flowers at the ends of branches, flowers are large, 4-5 cm in diameter, of a light yellow color (hence the name – rhododendron aureum, golden).

Rhododendron aureum : Photo

Rhododendron ponticum, that grows in the Western Caucasus in beech, more rarely in fir undergrowth, and rises to a height of 2200 m above sea level, has purple-pink or pale pink flowers. Rhododendrons contain a poisonous substance andromedotoxin (sometimes rhododendron is called an Andromeda flower), glycoside, rhododendrin, ericolin, arbutin, hydroquinone, essential oil, tripertene compounds, tannins, ursolic acid, trace elements: manganese, aluminum, copper, silver, barium, lead, as well as various flavonoids with a P vitamin activity and catechines. How is this plant used in folk medicine? Is it really only for prophetic dreams?


It is believed that a rhododendron sprig laid under a pillow from Thursday to Friday, as well as on a person’s birthday, on New Year’s eve or Christmas, ensures a prophetic dream. Though rhododendron is poisonous (of course, it is not for children and adults should take a strict dose) – the plant has been used for centuries, and it’s been known to all the wise healers of antiquity.

There are contraindications as well, and it is not always mentioned. These are pregnancy and severe kidney diseases (necrosis, drying, stones, failure). But rhododendron quickly helps with cardiovascular disease! It reduces pressure, eliminates edema, it is used for colitis. It’s the old remedy for infertility, but if pregnancy occurs one should immediately stop taking it. Its effect is enhanced with astragalus and pasqueflower (wind flower, Pulsatilla), and it is required for female ailments such as erosion, colpitits, vaginitis, itching. Rhododendron quickly helps with gout, rheumatism, epilepsy.


Rhododendron aureum : Medicine

The recipe for hypertension: put 1 leaf per 1 cup of boiling water, infuse for 30 minutes. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day at any time, but it is better to take it 10 minutes before eating.

Decoction: take 0.5 – 1 teaspoon of dried crushed leaves of rhododendron aureum per 1 cup of boiling water, infuse for 1 hour in a warm place, strain. For tuberculosis take 1 tablespoon of a warm decoction 3 times a day. A strong bactericidal effect of a rhododendron acts here.

Tincture. It is prepared with 40% alcohol or vodka at a ratio of 1:10. For radiculitis take 20-30 drops 2-3 times a day after meals.

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