Mother’s Day 2016. Flowers for your mum

In 2016 Mother’s Day on May 8 – the last month of spring. There is just a little time left to pick flowers for your mom. Although Mother’s Day is not the most familiar holiday to us, but it is one more reason to tell our mothers: “I love you”.


Mother’s Day: how to choose flowers as a gift for your mum

Of course, when choosing a bouquet for your mom, it is better to stick to her favorite flowers. However, if you want to surprise her, you can follow fashionable floral trends and pay attention to the “boho” style. The combination of pastel and deep tones, ethnic motives, gothic and grunge, different textures and colors in one bouquet – this is the boho style which is so fashionable among florists now. This bouquet is of bright colors and asymmetrical silhouette, it seems a bit disheveled, and as if accidentally combines completely different flowers and plants.

Another trend is a fusion of cold and brown colors, for example a bouquet of blue roses and chocolate orchids. You should also pay attention to such flowers as French roses, peonies and ranunculuses of white and pale pink colors. All women would like these sophisticated in form, fragrant, delicate flowers, even those who are indifferent to classic kinds of roses. Of course, not all flower shops can offer such a variety.

In this case you should pay attention to traditional flowers. For example, carnations. These unreasonably undervalued flowers may be of the most incredible colors – from light green to purple. Also now you can already buy tulips that will remind your mom of spring. One should remember that mono-bouquets of roses are not suitable for this holiday – these flowers carry a romantic feeling.

How to choose flowers

Whatever flowers you choose, your mom will be pleased with your attention on this day and any bouquet will bring her joy and make her smile. The main thing to remember when choosing a bouquet is its quality and freshness. There are a few general rules to follow:

  • First of all, pay attention to the cut of the flower – it should be fresh and green.
  • The leaves on the stem should also be green, without any damages and dark spots.
  • A flower bud should be firm, elastic, smooth and of a regular shape, with no signs of torn outer petals.
  • The petals of a fresh flower should be free of wrinkles and darkened edges.
  • There should be no pollen on the stamens of a fresh flower.
  • Buds of flowers should not be too loose, this is a clear sign that the flower has been cut a long time ago. At the same time the bud should not be completely closed, it is likely that it will not open at all.

You shouldn’t buy:

  • A flower with the separately wrapped buds, as flower damages are usually disguised in this way.
  • A flower with a damaged, crushed stalk: it will not be able to gain moisture and will not last for long.
  • A flower with a painted exterior or a flower covered with sequins. Besides the fact that it means the faded flower has been retouched, it is a sign of a bad taste to give such flowers.
  • Flowers without leaves (not in a bouquet) – most likely, they are not very fresh, and the foliage for bouquets is specially removed.
  • A flower wrapped with tape at the base or the bud which is tightened with a rubber band.

Proper care of the flowers also plays an important role:

  • After buying flowers, it is better to take them to the street wrapped, especially if the temperature is below zero.
  • If you can not wrap the flowers in a special film, then pack them in a newspaper. Wrap loosely so that the flowers could breathe.
  • When you bring flowers home, do not rush to remove the wrapping. Give the flowers a little bit of time to get used to room temperature and only then put them in water.
  • Before putting flowers in water, you should cut them at 45 degrees angle using a sharp knife or garden shears (secateurs). This is done in order to avoid unnecessary damage to the stems. Remove all lower leaves of the flower, so they will not rot in water.
  • Check the water level in the vase every day: flower stems should always be in the water.
  • Use cold tap water, do not heat it.
  • It is best to add “Chrysal” in the water – it is additional fertilizing for flowers with which they will last longer.
  • Do not place the flowers in direct sunlight, and do not be expose them to drafts, cigarette smoke and hot air.

These are the general rules. However, each flower likes something different. How long can one keep roses or chrysanthemums fresh?



The amount of water in a vase should be approximately such that 1/3 of the stem length is in the water. Water should be changed every day, cutting the flower stems every time. If roses have lost a fresh look and began to fade, then wrap them with damp paper and put them in a cool place for three hours. After this procedure the flowers will revive.



Tulips do not like being in a vase with a lot of water, but at the same time they actively “drink”. Therefore it is necessary to check the amount of water – it must be at a level of at least 5 centimeters. You can add a little ice in the water, and then the flowers will unfold more slowly.



Lilies are tall flowers, so you need to put them in a tall vase, pouring water at 2/3 of the flower. Change water more often – once every 6 hours. When the flower will bloom, you should remove the stamens with pollen, or flower buds will lose their freshness.



Choose chrysanthemums by their leaves: they must be fresh, green, without yellowness. The peculiarity of chrysanthemums is that they do not tolerate interaction with metal, therefore they can not be cut with a knife, they can only be broken.



You shouldn’t buy these flowers on the street: delicate plants do not tolerate our climate and they will just die at a temperature below + 15°. Orchids are often sold in a tube. In such a case, after bringing flowers home you should remove them from the tube, trim them and put them in clean water. Do not change the water frequently – it is very stressful for them.

How to care for a complex bouquet with a lot of different flowers?

Of course, in this case it is not necessary to break a bouquet into separate flowers, it would be sufficient to stick to the general rules of care. Do not expose a bouquet to direct sunlight, drafts, cigarette smoke and hot air. Trim the stems and remove leaves at the bottom of the flower shop. Change the water once a day and be sure to add “Chrysal” in it.

The traditions of giving flowers and floral trends may change over time, but one thing remains unchanged: be generous with kind words and give flowers heartily, it is no wonder they say that the more love and sincere feelings are put in a bouquet, the longer it will last.