Old Flower Trends 2014 – Fashion vs Flowers

Flowers, fashion, interior design are tightly connected between each other. It is a form of art  with the help of which designers are constantly looking for inspiration and connection, new trends and new creations. And today flowers became the most important and inspirational tool in fashion and interior design. This season fashion flower trends 2014 passed mouth to mouth – Paris, New York, Milan, London. Below Moschino dress, Hermes dress, Giambattista-Valli dress.

 Flowers in EVERY woman collection is  inavitable constant-a this season – skirts, dresses, pants, jackets. It doesn’t matter what fashion dictates from season to season, no matter how far deep in history the designers are trying to find inspiration – there always be a flower woman walking along the podium.  A strong woman reflects the embodiment of a flower beauty whether it is a fall, a summer or a winter. Flower prints and embroidery strike our eye either on a street style clothes or an elegant classic evening gown. Below Dior dress, Dolce & Gabbana coat, Miu Miu coat, Dries Van Noten clutch and dress.