Bouquets for birth of a child

Birth of a child is a huge joyous occasion for the entire family. Children are the little bits of heaven on Earth and we are always striving to provide them with the best things. But what kind of bouquets should kids be given? Children’s bouquets are completely different from the bouquets for adults.

Contrasting flowers, such as roses, orchids and even vivid sunflowers, are generally used in flower compositions.


The primary tones for boys’ bouquets are blue, white and green, and for girls — pink and yellow. In addition, the bouquet should be child proof, meaning it must be hypoallergenic. Thorns must be cut off, so the bouquet would bring happiness, not pain and tears. Kids shouldn’t be given big flower baskets.


Specially for them are created small round compositions with lovely decorations. Children love receiving toys as gifts. Why not buy a bouquet decorated with a stuffed toy? Such gift will serve as a toy and as a festive addition. The delight you will see in child’s eyes will be sincere. Bouquets that are given to children develop a sense of beauty in them. Kids start to appreciate beauty and also learn to take care of the delicate plants.


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