Adorn your hairdo with flowers

Girls have long adorned their hair with flowers. Passionate Spaniards added a red rose to their hair, Indian women used exotic freesias, alstroemerias and lilies, and in Russia they twined wreaths of wildflowers.

In the XVIII century ladies constructed such high and lush hairstyles that even miniature bottles with water were placed inside. In this way the flowers remained fresh for longer. The modern floristry allows one to adorn even the short hair with flowers.


There shouldn’t be too many flowers in the hair, otherwise it may look like a “flowerbed”.

Among many accessories for hair ornaments (ribbons, hair clips, headbands), flowers are the most romantic décor, giving the hair-do a special charm.

What kinds of flowers are suitable for decorating the hair?

Professional florists can to use a variety of flowers in a hair-do. These are roses, and lilies, and chrysanthemums. Delicate white orchids would go perfect with a wedding dress, and bright orange roses will add a special charm to a birthday girl’s look.

Daisies and lilies also look very impressive in the hair, but one shouldn’t use them in winter: they do not tolerate the cold and wither soon.

This is far from a complete list of flowers suitable for hairstyles. The main thing here is to select a flower that will blend in perfectly with the dress and the look in general.

floristry_photoHow to prepare the flowers?

As a rule, flowers purchased from florists are already prepared for plaiting into the hair. But you can prepare them yourself, if you decide to use freshly cut flowers.

  1. A flower stem should be cut properly: at a sharp angle. Arm yourself with a well-sharpened knife, but in any case do not use scissors: they will compress the stem and the flower will wither quickly. By the way, the stem length should be equal to the length of the bud.
  2. Get a special solution that prolongs the life of flowers (e.g., a floral preservative Chrysal) at the flower shop, and immerse the flower in it for a few hours. If you could not find such substance, you may use aspirin (1 pill per cup of water) or sugar (1 teaspoon of sugar per cup).
  3. Style your hair. When it’s ready, get the flower, put a piece of cotton soaked in the same solution on the cut, and secure it with a green floral adhesive tape. In addition, this technique will prevent the stem from clinging to hair. Sometimes florists use microcapsules instead of cotton.
  4. Treat the flower petals with transparent varnish. It will save them from fading fast, especially in hot weather.


Several choices of hairstyles with fresh flowers

  • The flowers of a large diameter are suitable for decorating large curls and flowing hair.
  • Small flowers (gypsophila, shrub roses) are ideal for decorating the complex weave, so as not to distract attention from the intricate elements of a hairstyle.
  • A usual band or a hair clip can also be decorated with a flower to complement the evening look.
  • The hair pulled up can be decorated with a scattering of small flowers on the side or at the bottom of a hair-do.

Any hairstyle decorated with flowers can make a lasting impression on others and make you the queen of the night.

By The “Saholany” fashion flowers NYC.