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Interested where I get my inspiration? My answer will always be the same - fashion. Fashion has always given me the energy to explore. Fashion together with nature makes me the flower artist I am today. I don't simply do flowers, I design emotions.

Olga Sahraoui

Sahola Flowers was founded by creative director, Olga Sahraoui.

Olga and her colleagues draw inspiration from the world of fashion but also art, design, architecture, photography and beyond. Sahola is also highly international in its outlook, reflecting the rich and colorful journey Olga has travelled in acquiring her technical skills and unique and daring artistic vision.


The pearl of the Black Sea

Olga grew up in Odessa, a major port on the Black Sea that for over 2,500 years has been a crossroads of cultures and influences. The surrounding nature, but especially the stunning cyan-blue of the local sea were early, almost sub-conscious, influences on the young Olga.

A second love on honeymoon

For a couple on honeymoon in Marrakesh, it was an obvious choice to visit Jardin Majorelle, the iconic gardens designed by French artist, Jacques Majorelle, and later the home of fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, whose ashes are scattered in the rose garden.

Yet entering the gardens, Olga couldn’t know how the exotic plants, Matisse-inspired blues and North African designs were about to form a turning point in her life. “I was so inspired, overwhelmed by the beauty, sophistication, colors, textures… it was love at first sight. I wanted to create my own world from flowers. There and then, I decided to become a floral designer.”

Dutch design, Dutch technique

Her drive to be the best took Olga to the Netherlands, to learn from the best, graduating from the Dutch Floral School as a Master Designer.

In Holland, Olga learnt the finer points of her craft. There she was exposed to a contemporary approach to floristry as an art form, but also to the whole world of flowers, from seed to vase. Olga spent every spare moment visiting nurseries and greenhouses to learn from the world’s leading growers, breeders and other experts in the floral industry.

New York, new beginnings

To realise her dream, Olga moved to New York, where in 2012 she launched the Sahola Flowers.

Sahola serves local and international clients with looks ranging from edgy street to spectacular haute couture. Alongside a highly original prêt-à-porter collection, Sahola produces limited-edition collections inspired by iconic designers such as Coco Channel and SomeOne Else.

Sahola Flowers

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