The Secret of Saffron by Yves Saint Laurent

 Saffron is a spice obtained from the stigmas of the flower Crocus, known as a Rose of Saffron. Historically stated,  this flower is coming from Ancient Egypt where it was used by Cleopatra as an aromatic and seductive essence. In Ancient Greece it was appreciated for its coloring and aromatic properties. Saffron was used as a remedy to cure sleeplessness and to reduce hangovers caused by wine. It was also used to perfume bathing and as an aphrodisiac.

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Old Flower Trends 2014 – Fashion vs Flowers

Flowers, fashion, interior design are tightly connected between each other. It is a form of art  with the help of which designers are constantly looking for inspiration and connection, new trends and new creations. And today flowers became the most important and inspirational tool in fashion and interior design. This season fashion flower trends 2014 passed mouth to mouth – Paris, New York, Milan, London. Below Moschino dress, Hermes dress, Giambattista-Valli dress.

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Hydrangea – at its best!

The well known pink, blue or white bulbs, plumes and bouquets blast out of front gardens; Hydrangea is a well-loved garden,pot plant, cut flower, especially because of it tremendously abundant flowering. What’s more, Hydrangea is a trouble-free plant which brings beautiful colors to your garden. Did you know that you can even manipulate the colors of Hydrangea?

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International Women’s Day – March 8th

These days there is no way around it – International Women’s Day March 8th!!! This day was inspired by the persistence  and indefatigability of brave women that campaign for their rights, such as suffrage. Every March 8th since 1910 has been dedicated to the feeling of solidarity of women all over the world. It was a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies. In the present day, this day is celebrated to express appreciation to special women.

Women, just like men, have an impact on culture and the history of the world. According to International Women’s Day Organization  Women’s Day Theme 2014 – Inspiring Change. Dear men love and respect your women, honor them put your special woman in the spotlight with a great bouquet of flowers. We offer great spring flower arrangements you can choose from.

Flower Art VS Fashion Art

It’s no surprise, that flowers remain a number one inspiration tool for artists and designers around the world. For centuries flowers reflect a beauty, a style, a way of leaving. Fashion World continues surprising us with fabulous collaborations between flowers and artists. One of them is Spring/Summer 2014 Christian Louboutin Campaign. Combining the best art masterpieces, photographer Peter Lippman created a bespoke floral look-book, inter grading  Louboutin shoes and bags inside Van Gogh, Monet, and Sezanne pictures.

6 Ways to Propose Your Girlfriend with Flowers

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic, happiest day of the year. A lot of couples are getting engaged on this day. And It’s no surprise – it is the day of love. If you are planning to ask her to marry you, it should be once-in-a-lifetime experience. Certainly, you need to include flowers when propose, as nothing sets the mood quite like a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

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Vintage Wedding Ideas

I came across recently a question: ” Does vintage mean the same as antique?” Sort of, both words are related to old things. Antique things are 100 years old or more, while vintage goes far deeper.

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