A potted hydrangea macrophylla plant

In the first year the duration of flowering amazed me. I immediately bought a few more varieties of different colors. The information on growing it was scarce at the time, and I just planted the bushes in the garden, adding some peat and semi-fire-fanged pine waste to the garden soil. The bushes have grown well over the summer, and in the winter I hid them carefully. But all shoots were still destroyed by frost.Continue Reading >>>

The most beautiful flower valleys in the world

The multi-colored sea of flowers swaying in the wind, the high mountains, the bright sun – flower valleys are truly impressive. Vast placers of aromatic plants are found in almost every country: Ukraine, Bulgaria, India, France, Holland. Many tourists want to admire such beauty and feel as if in a fairy tale. In this article we will look at the most beautiful and impressive flower valleys.Continue Reading >>>

Varieties of bouquets for a wedding and other celebrations

Arranging bouquets is a real art. It is not enough to simply put together suitable flowers: an armful of roses or daisies can not be considered a complete composition. The correctly selected shape of a bouquet can emphasize the beauty of flowers.

A skilful composition can be compared with architecture or sculpture: the color and the size of the receptacle, the height and the line of the stems – it all counts.

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Adorn your hairdo with flowers

Girls have long adorned their hair with flowers. Passionate Spaniards added a red rose to their hair, Indian women used exotic freesias, alstroemerias and lilies, and in Russia they twined wreaths of wildflowers.

In the XVIII century ladies constructed such high and lush hairstyles that even miniature bottles with water were placed inside. In this way the flowers remained fresh for longer. The modern floristry allows one to adorn even the short hair with flowers.Continue Reading >>>

A keepsake: drying flowers

Drying flowers seems like a simple task only at first glance. The flower itself will wither after some time. But will it retain its beauty and not fade? Will the petals and leaves not become crumpled? To avoid all these troubles, you need to follow some rules.

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How to sign a card when sending flowers?

The days are gone, when the flowers could be given only at a personal meeting. With the delivery service of bouquets you can make an unexpected surprise for a loved one when she least expects it: at work or when she’s on a business trip at another city.Continue Reading >>>

Plants that will bring love to your home

All plants that surround a person are of some use to him. Some of them have antibacterial properties, others are simply pleasing to the eye with their unusual shape of flowers and leaves. One way or another, the thing all of them have in common is that of all living entities they embody love and romance in the best way.

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The interplay of flowers and zodiac signs

Many people are convinced that a zodiac sign is able to affect a person’s character, mentality, tastes, life stance, his relationships with others, his fate, pre-forming the further course of his life. For anyone born under this or that zodiac sign there are items with a special secret meaning.

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Floristry is an irrepressible flight of fancy

Nature has given us a lot of colors and flowers, what else could you still add to this irrepressible flight of fancy? Still the creative impulses of a human know no boundaries and so there appeared such art as floristry. Instead of paints the artist uses flowers and their petals, leaves and grass, twigs, berries, as well as artificial materials for interior decoration. This art originated a long time ago, people have decorated their homes with the gifts of nature from time immemorial.

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Tulipa – Review. Photo. History

Tulip is a bulbous plant from the extensive lily family, it got its name from the Persian word “toliban”, which means “a turban”. The flower was named so because its inflorescence resembles this hat. Tulip originates from Central Asia and the Mediterranean. In the wild tulips grow in Russia, Belarus, the southern regions of Kazakhstan, as well as in Turkey, India and Iran.

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