Health benefit of fresh flowers

Few people would say that getting a bouquet does not affect the state of our health in any way. Of course, such a nice gift as a bunch of our favorite flowers will not leave you indifferent.Continue Reading >>>

Myosotis – Review, History, Photo

This herb belongs to the Boraginaceae family. It may be annual, biennial, and even perennial, which, coupled with its easy cultivation and cold resistance, makes it popular among gardeners.Continue Reading >>>

Echinacea – Full Review, History, Photo, Medical

Echinacea purpurea is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family, 80-120 cm high. Native to the eastern United States. It is a tall and amazingly beautiful plant. Inflorescences are large, purple-violet anthodiums. Depending on the climate, it begins to bloom in late May or early July. It is cultivated as an ornamental and medicinal plant.Continue Reading >>>


Native to Madagascar, Catharanthus is an evergreen perennial plant of the Apocynaceae family. Catharanthus means “a flawless flower” in Greek. And indeed, the flowers of this plant stand out with their perfect, amazing pure pink, purple and white hues.Continue Reading >>>

Crassula: Review, History, Photo

A sweet, sickly smell appeared in the room. It got fainter, then suddenly intensified and became unbearable with its suffocating sweetness. But the owners of the flat were most of all tormented with uncertainty: where does the smell come from? They approached a wide windowsill cluttered with potted flowers. A collection of assorted cactuses and succulents has been in deep hibernation. Other greens did not blossom as well. So, it was not the flowers. They pushed furniture, cleaned the flat wondering if jam, juice or beer were not spilled by accident somewhere: everyone smelled something different.Continue Reading >>>

The art of Bonsai trees: History, Photo Review

Bonsai is a technique for the cultivation of miniature trees. It originated in Japan more than 1000 years ago. It is translated as “a plant in a tray”. The article is on how a novice can start growing a bonsai, choose a plant and learn the basic rules of care.Continue Reading >>>

Kochia – summer cypress

Kochia is a very showy ornamental suffrutescent plant of the Chenopodiaceae family, known to the fans of flowers as “summer cypress” or “broom grass”. The genus includes up to 80 species growing in the wild in Australia, America, West Asia and Europe. Kochia Scoparia is the only species that is very popular. Formerly, brooms were made from dried stems, hence the name of the plant appeared.Continue Reading >>>

Yucca and dracaena – either the jungle or the woods

Admiring splendid exotic large-sized plants in flower shops, you realize that giants such as yucca, dracaena, or Nolina can decorate only large spaces like restaurants, hotels or offices. A three meters high miracle is an impossible dream for ordinary urban apartments. Even the usual “grandma’s” date palms migrate from relatives to relatives in search of high ceilings. But you seek the potted trees! There is a solution: let’s grow dwarf trees.Continue Reading >>>

A peony is a worthy rival of a rose. Why?  

A peony is a worthy rival of a rose. The Chinese consider it to be the number one flower as the Japanese praise a Chrysanthemum, and the Europeans praise a rose. The peony is the single representative of the genus Paeonia, which includes about forty species, the only genus in the family Paeoniaceae.Continue Reading >>>