Five plants that will bring joy to your home

We are all used to bouquets of flowers in our homes, but not everyone knows about the benefits of some potted houseplants that bring happiness, harmony, and even heal their owners. Here are five most popular houseplants.


Chlorophytum comosum

A complicatedly named “Chlorophytum” is easy to care for and unpretentious. This plant cleans the air from dust and bacteria like an air-conditioner and can even recycle chemical gases. If you always want to breathe clean air, put the flower in the kitchen. In just one day it can clear the air of all impurities that get into it while cooking.



This flower is popularly styled as “women’s happiness”. Many people believe that it brings good luck to women in their personal life: it helps young girls to get married, and the mistress of the house – to establish harmony and comfort at home. According to folk superstitions, Spathiphyllum will only reveal its sail-like flowers to truly loving and respecting each other spouses. Besides, Spathiphyllum releases substances into the air, that help relax and relieve stress, it moisturizes and protects the air of toxins. Spathiphyllum can be kept in any room.



One of the most popular home pot plants. Ficus is so wide-spread that it even became the hero of many comedic scenes in movies, and due to that it has taken root in many family homes. Like Spathiphyllum, it cleans the air of toxins, and at the same time, according to folk superstitions, it helps dispel anxiety and doubt. Substances released by ficus help sleep better and wake up in a cheerful state of mind. Ficus improves the relationships of spouses and helps them come to a complete harmony in the family.



Unpretentious violet flowers bloom almost all year round. Many women like to collect numerous species of violets at home, pleasing their husbands and children with multicolored splendor of these delicate flowers. Violets create a cozy atmosphere in the house and cheer up anyone who sees them. They are able to heal a family of insomnia and help relieve tension.



This flower blooms both in winter and summer. It blooms so abundantly that sometimes the leaves can not be seen behind the flowers. They say that azalea promotes conflict resolution and reduces the level of aggression (including that of domestic animals). Many fans of this flower can sit for hours and meditate in front of it to relieve stress and recover from negative experiences.

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